Happy Holidays - December 2015


In January we lost Libby. She made it well past 105, and showed everyone who came to celebrate with her that she was sharp as sharp can be. She's now in a better place and we're delighted that we had her with us for as long as we did.

We had some great events during 2015.

In March we all went to NY for our nephew Mathew's Bar Mitzvah - which was fabulous. Winter was still present, and we all enjoyed playing and skating in the snow and ice. It was a real treat to see all the cousins getting reaquainted and enjoying one another so much.

In May Amy and Ted threw a fantastic Red, Black and White themed party to celebrate Evan's Bar Mitzvah. Many of our wonderful family and friends came from Boston, Gainsville, Arizona, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, and New York. Evan made us all very proud.

In August we celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary - and where did we go to celebrate ? - There was a Taylor Swift concert in SD for one day - that day - and everyone supported my idea to go and see her. YES it was a great show.

October we went to Puerta Vallarita with Robert and Lupita - This was a very relaxing vacation, with some excellent restaurant experiences.

The grandkids are doin' great. All are getting high grades in addition to their athletic achievements. Taylor is traveling a lot, including Indianapolis, Canada, Ireland, Scottland, and most recently Sarasota, Fla. with his Academy team.

Evan was selected to play with the Olympic Development Team, and was invited a few times for special training at the Home Depot Center.

Noa is playing soccer on a traveling team, sang with her classmates at Giant Stadium, and most recently performed at City Halll, playing the clarinet as a member of her school band.

Saul is also playing soccer, in addition to playing on a baseball team and a rugby team. Earlier this year he participated in a judo comperition.

Gabi has changed her career path - having put out her own shingle doing workplace investigations in additon to being a soccer-mom. In addition, Gabi is a member of the board of directors at their Temple and Don is President of the parents association at Brandeis School of San Francisco.
Amy continues being the PE teacher for one school and is Team Manager to Taylor's very busy traveling team.
Ted is working very hard keeping Warner Bros afloat - and with the little spare time he has, he is the assistant coach for both Taylor and Evan.
George and Bette are still into Tennis - Bette just came in First Place in a Tournament held in Borrego Springs - George isn't coming in first place any more but is hanging in. He's got a new Drone and is practicing aerial photography, with some success. We mentioned Bridge in previous holiday letters, and we are still learning, thanks to our friends Peg and Al who have more patience than we deserve.

We're also preparing for a few trips. The first will be our 50th Anniversary celebration with our kids and grandkids at South Lake Tahoe - Hopefully lots of skiing and snowboarding for everyone.

In January we pack different clothes to go to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam. We can't wait. and in May we're planning another roadtrip, this time thru the Southwest. Carlsbad Canyons, Grand Canyon, Alberqueque New Mexico, Zion and Bryce, Painted Desert, Monument Valley and Sedona, AZ.

We wish you all a wonderful, joyous holiday season, and a healthy and prosperous 2016


George and Bette