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GEO_2108 GEO_2109.scooters
GEO_2111.Spanish.steps GEO_2112
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GEO_2124.Vatican.tour.starts GEO_2129
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GEO_2138 GEO_2139.Vatican.floor
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GEO_2150.Vatican.tapestries GEO_2151
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GEO_2154 GEO_2157
GEO_2158 GEO_2159
GEO_2162 GEO_2165.Sistene.chapel
GEO_2167.Cistine.Chapel GEO_2168
GEO_2170 GEO_2171
GEO_2172 GEO_2174
GEO_2175.Sistene.chapel GEO_2180.Cistine.Chapel.organ
GEO_2182 GEO_2184
GEO_2186 GEO_2188
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GEO_2241.St.Peter's.sq GEO_2255.Lilies
GEO_2259.2.fountain GEO_2266.Swiss.Guards
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GEO_2288 GEO_2290
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GEO_2317 GEO_2321
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GEO_2359 GEO_2385
GEO_2392.Vatican.night.1 GEO_2395.Coliseum.night